Chocolate Week: How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Soufflé

16 Oct 2013

To celebrate Chocolate Week, our Head Pastry Chef Reece has given us an insight into how he makes the perfect Chocolate Soufflé.


Click here to watch our Head Pastry Chef, Reece make the perfect Chocolate Soufflé 

Ingredients (Makes 4)  

Soufflé Base

450g x Milk

5 (100g) x Egg Yolks

80g x Sugar

45g x Strong Flour

50g x Coco Powder

Soufflé Mix

200g x Soufflé Base

5 (160g) x Egg White

60g x Sugar

4 x small ramekins


Method For Soufflé Base 

Boil 450g of Milk

Whisk the Egg Yolks and Sugar together till smooth then add the flour and coco powder and mix to form a thick paste.

Add 225g of boiling Milk to the Egg Yolk, Sugar, Flour and coco powder paste, then return the mixture back to the Milk and cool out, until thick.

Cool the mixture thoroughly.


Method For Soufflé Mix   

Whisk Sugar and Egg Whites to make a Meringue, still with peaks.

Gently fold through the Souffle Base in three parts.

Butter the ramekins twice and coat in sugar

 Fill the ramekins to the top and flatten off

Cook on a preheated oven for 10-12 minutes at 180˚c