Dish Of The Month: August 2013

2 Aug 2013

August's dish of the month is Dorset Crab & Avocado Tian with Cucumber, Soft Boiled Quail Egg & Pink Grapefruit

Dish Of The Month

August 2013 


Dorset Crab & Avocado Tian with Cucumber, Soft Boiled Quails Egg & Pink Grapefruit 












Click here to watch Chris Wheeler, our Executive Head Chef cooking this month's dish  


Ingredients - Serving Four 

1 x Avocado (diced)

8 x Tiger Prawns

1/2 x A Lemon Juice

160g x White Dorset Crab Meat 

10g x Caviar 

1/4 x bunch of Dill (chopped)

1/4 x bunch of Chives (chopped)

Salt & Pepper

100g x Creme Fraiche

1/4 x Cucumber (sliced)

1 x Pink Grapefruit

4 x Quail Egg  

100ml x Pink Grapefruit Dressing

12 x Pink Grapefruit Segments

100g x Mixed Salad & Cress  



  • Mix Avocado, Dorset Crab Meat & Prawns together with Lemon Juice, chopped Garlic, Salt & Pepper.    
  • Place in the Tian Moulds, just above 3/4 way up,
  • Mix the Creme Fraiche with the Chives, Lemon Juice and Salt & Pepper 
  • Place on top of the Avocado mix
  • Allow to set in the fridge  

To Serve

  • Place your Tian ring on the plate, garnish with your seasoned Salad & Cress
  • Pour your Pink Grapefruit Dressing around your Tian 
  • Place 3 Segments around the plate 
  • Place a Cucumber crown on the top of the Tian 
  • Place the Egg & Caviar on top