Dish Of The Month: September 2013

6 Sep 2013

September's dish of the month is Roast Lamb Cutlet with a Lentil Soufflé, Rosti Potato and Tarragon Jus

Dish Of The Month 

September 2013 


Roast Lamb Cutlet with a Lentil Soufflé, Rosti Potato and Tarragon Jus 




















Click here to watch Chris Wheeler, our Executive Head Chef cooking this month's dish


Ingredients - Serving Four 

8 x Lamb Cutlets ( 2x 4 bone rack of Lamb )

sprigs of Tarragon

200ml x Lamb Sauce

150ml x Lamb Stock

200g x Lentil du Puy ( Soaked for 6 hours or overnight )

½ x Small Onion,

3 x stick of Celery

2 x Carrot

200g x Caul Fat 

8 x Cloves of garlic (skin on)

4 x sprigs of Rosemary

1 x medium sized Turnip

1 x small Swede

1 small Celeriac

1 x Parsnip

8 x Cherry Tomatoes

2 x Jacket Potatoes

1 x Whole Egg

50g x Salted Butter

1 x 8oz (250g) Chicken Fillet (No Skin or Bone)

250ml x Double Cream

1 x Egg White

40g x Cooked Lentils  




Finely dice the Onion, Celery and Carrot sweat in a little Olive Oil, add the soaked Lentils, season with Salt and Pepper. Cover with the Lamb Stock and cook for ten minutes.

Lentils Soufflé 

Cut the Chicken Breast up into small pieces, place in to a blender or robo coupe. Season and blend slowly, adding the Egg and Egg white, then the Double Cream .

Remove form blender and place into a bowl, add 40 g of the cooked Drained Lentils. Mix well and place into the fridge 

Roasted Root Vegetables 

Peel all of the Vegetables and cut each Vegetable into different shapes. Blanch separately in boiling water. Then roast all of the Vegetables in a little Olive Oil and Butter with Garlic Cloves and sprigs of Rosemary 


Season the Lamb Cutlets and seal on one side in a hot pan with a little Olive Oil. Allow to cool, place a spoonful of the Lentil Soufflé of each on the cutlets (sealed side).

Place a cross on Tarragon on top and carefully wrap using the Caul fat

Place in a hot plan and to seal the bottom and then place into a hot oven 180°C for 8 mins until the Soufflé is golden brown in colour.

Rosti Potato 

Peel and grate the Potatoes and season. Add the finely chopped Garlic and melted Butter, place into 4 Blini pan or Yorkshire Pudding moulds. 

Cook in a hot oven for approximately 12 minutes, turning every 4 minutes until the Potato is cooked, golden brown in colour and crispy.  


To Serve  

Place the Rosti in the middle of the plate, top with Lentils and arrange the Roasted Root Vegetables around and place two Lamb Cultlets on top of the Lentils. Add a little chopped Tarragon to the Jus and pour over the Lamb Cutlets and Serve.