Food Truck Fun

26 Apr 2016

The unveiling of the front 9 Holes on the Stoke Park Golf Course.

The unveiling of the front 9 Holes on the Stoke Park Golf Course was a huge success; I worked in partnership with QSM, DB Foods and Brookfield Farm to ensure that none of our Golfers went hungry.

We set up a Food Truck where we served Bacon, Sausage, Steak and Pulled Lamb Sandwiches – cooking everything on the ‘barbecue style’ grill. We had cameras showing us cooking which were on the outside of the Food Truck so that the Golfers could see us cooking up close and it was great fun.

It was a very interactive day, with the Members enjoying the more casual ‘Food Truck’ feel and also allowing DB Foods to showcase their amazing produce along with representatives from Brookfield Farm and Quality Standard Mark.

The Members were able to ask any questions about the food that they had as well as learning more about the origin of the meat and the companies involved.

For me, it is important to use Quality Standard Mark Beef and Lamb because we can guarantee the quality of the meat is going to be amazing and I know that the meat will always be tender and delicious!

We had great fun in the food truck and our Members greatly appreciated the relaxed open atmosphere and warm sandwiches both before and after their rounds of Golf...