Ingredient of the Month: Peaches

7 Aug 2015

August is a fantastic month to buy Peaches

August is a fantastic month to buy Peaches as they are at their most delicious and ripe – this August we will be introducing them into the Humphry’s Menu. Peach is a wonderful summery flavour and Peaches are such versatile fruits; they can be used in sweet and savoury dishes as well as used in drinks. We recommend our new Peach Melba to be washed down with a delicious Peach Bellini for the ultimate summer flavour.

The Peach Melba is an old fashioned and classical dessert which has recipes dating back to the 1800’s. It traditionally consists of three main components; Peaches, Raspberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice-Cream.

We will be putting our signature modern British twist on the Peach Melba – starting with a homemade Sable Breton, topped with Peach Gel, slathered in Vanilla Crémeux, and then we delicately place Poached Peaches and fresh Raspberries creating a layer over the Vanilla Crémeux. Our Peach Melba is finished by topping with Raspberry Foam and served in a Sugar Spring with a delicious creamy homemade Lavender Ice-Cream and yummy Peach and Raspberry Gel dots to decorate.