NEW Humphry’s Menu

23 Aug 2017

We have recently updated our Humphry’s menu to include delicious new delicacies that feature fresh seafood and local produce.

With the introduction of our trio of oysters, we've created a showstopper before you've even begun your meal, a favourite amongst our chefs for the new menu. Why is it our favourite you ask?

Set atop a bed of stones, the oysters appear to have been washed up on the seashore, ready to be devoured by you in our picturesque Humphry's restaurant. Your waiter will serve this beautiful dish to you with a lemon stock which explodes over your dish in a wave of smoke, echoing the waves of the sea.

Each oyster offers an individual taste sensation, paired with different toppings to give you an enchanting and unique summer tasting experience. Try our oyster topped with soy, lime and ginger for a touch of oriental flavouring, before moving onto the tempura with pickled cucumber and chorizo foam topped oyster for a tantalising taste of the sea. Finish with our oyster crowned with strawberries for a truly refreshing and palatable mouthful.

Hungry for more? Continue your seafood meal with our pave of plaice, cooked on the bone to lock in the soft texture and delicate flavouring of the fish. Many restaurants serve plaice off the bone, leaving the fish to be served in small, dry portions, but here at Humphry’s we pride ourselves in taking the dish that step further. The bone is one single flat piece throughout the body of the fish, so there’s no need to worry about having to fight with tiny bones in your meat. This succulent cut of fish, paired with freshly minted crushed peas, delicious smoked mussels and tangy vinegar scraps, is the perfect twist on a classic fish and chips dish.

Our new menu delights don’t stop there; below we’ve highlighted our new additions to our already popular menu, which is set to become a stunner for the end of the summer months. So what are you waiting for? Delight in these delicacies when you book a table in Humphry’s at the truly beautiful and memorable Stoke Park.


Oysters done three ways: soy, lime and ginger; tempura with pickled cucumber and chorizo foam; strawberries.

Sea Trout

Gin cured trout with avocado and wasabi purée, capers, horseradish and a rye bread crisp.

Heritage Tomato

Heritage tomatoes with burrata salad, charred ciabatta, olive crumb and a herb purée.


Pave of plaice cooked on the bone with minted crushed peas, smoked mussels and vinegar scraps.


Pan-fried duck breast, smoked yoghurt, textures of cherries, pak choi and a five spice jus.


Roast cauliflower, cep mushroom ketchup, spicy kimchi and cep powder.

This is a selection of our new additions to the Humphry’s menu and other dishes are also available when dining with us.

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