Succulent Slow Roasted Lamb Chunkie

24 Feb 2017

It’s back to Lamb this week as I continue to share with you my favourite Lamb and Beef recipes following my new position as UK Ambassador for the Quality Standard Mark Scheme.

If you enjoy the succulent taste of Slow Roasted Lamb, then this is the recipe for you!

Slow Roasted Lamb Chunkie with Broad Bean Puree, Parisienne Potatoes, Smoked Lamb Lardons, Green Benas and Cherry Jus.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

Lamb Chunkies

  • 4 x Lamb Chunkies
  • 120g x Blanched French Beans
  • 8 x Fresh Cherries
  • 16 x Parisienne Potatoes
  • 100g x Home-smoked Lamb Belly
  • 160ml x Fresh Lamb Jus

Broad Bean Purée

  • 100g x Fresh Broad Beans
  • 100g x Frozen Broad Beans
  • 100g x Pomme Puree
  • 10ml x Double Cream
  • 1 Sprig x Mint



  1. Vacuum your Lamb Chunkies (one per bag)
  2. Place in a Water Bath for 1 hour and 40 minutes at 65°C
  3. Remove from bag and dry
  4. Seal in a hot pan, until golden brown and the fat as started to caramelised
  5. Leave to rest for 5 minutes

Broad Bean Purée

  1. Blanch all the Beans and pop out of the skin
  2. Heat the Double Cream and all the Beans, hot Pomme Puree and a little Fresh Mint
  3. Blend until smooth and season

To Serve

  1. Cut the Smoked Belly into Lardons
  2. Blanch the Potatoes and then roast in Goose Fat until golden brown and soft in the middle
  3. Add the Lardons
  4. Place the Broad Bean Puree in the middle of the plate add the tossed Fresh Beans on top
  5. Slice the Chunkie and place on top
  6. Arrange the Potatoes and Lardons at one end on the plate
  7. Cut the Cherries in half and remove the stone, add to the Lamb Jus
  8. Pour the Cherries and Jus around the Lamb