Team Member of the Month Q&A

7 Sep 2017

We asked the team member of the month from Humphry's kitchen a few questions about himself and his experiences.

1.What is your title and what does it entail?

My job title is Senior Sous Chef of Stoke Park and I run the Humphry’s kitchen.

2.Tell us a little about your background, how did you come to love cooking?

My love of cooking grew from a young age, as most of my family are amazing at cooking, and some even working in hospitality already.

3.How has your previous culinary experiences shaped your cooking technique?

Every place I have worked at has added something new to my skill set. I started out learning classical French cookery and have grown with time to develop my modern techniques. But I do think it’s really important to learn the basics first.

4.What does a typical day at work look like?

I run the pass, so I oversee the team and everything that goes out of the kitchen, whether they are canapés, amuse-bouche or the starters, right through to the desserts, to ensure all of the guests have the same exceptional experience

5.How do you create a unique dish?

I begin by looking at the seasonality of the ingredients; this is one of the most important things, then I look at flavour combinations. I like to take them and add a unique twist to them to surprise the guests, both in presentation and taste!

6.What are the three ingredients you can’t do without?

It would have to be: butter, potatoes and eggs.

7.What is your favourite dish on our new Humphry’s menu and why?

I would say the Ham Hock and Foie Gras Terrine served with salt baked pineapple, game chips, pineapple and chilli chutney, and a soft-boiled quail’s egg. This is my interpretation of the pub classic gammon, pineapple, egg and chips, with a fine dining twist!

8.What is your fondest memory of working at Stoke Park?

I have many fond memories at Stoke Park, but my favourite is when I go out to see the customers and they’re really happy with their dining experience – it’s very hard to beat that!

9.If you could have a choice of cooking alongside anyone in the world, who would it be?

I would have to say René Redzepi, the head chef of Noma. It would be truly amazing to cook alongside him.

10.What advice would you give to any budding chefs and to those who aspire to enter this prestigious culinary world?

My advice to anyone just starting out would be to fully commit yourself to the role. You must have a passion for it; write everything down, such as recipes that you will come to need at a later stage, and remember you will never stop learning!