The Great British Sardinian Adventure Review

16 Jul 2016

We arrived in glorious sunshine which marked the start of the fabulous week ahead....

On Tuesday 5th July, myself and 2 members of my team from Humphry’s flew out to Sardinia; returning to Forte Village for a second year to cook at the Celebrity Chef Nights from the 7th – 10th July. We arrived in glorious sunshine which marked the start of the fabulous week ahead.

Wednesday 6th July

The first morning was spent in a market, collecting produce for the week. Having brought a variety of fish and local veg, we returned to Forte Village and started to prep the food. We were lucky enough to have a well equipped, open-plan kitchen with a stunning view of the blue Sardinian sea.

In the evening, we went out for dinner and took the opportunity to try traditional Sardinian cuisine. I ate Lamb Ragout for starters, Roast Suckling Pig as my main and a combination of classic Sardinian desserts, including Nuts, Marzipan and Ricotta, for pudding.

Thursday 7th July

It was an early 7am start in the kitchen to prepare for the arrival of the first set of guests in the restaurant. To keep energised, we took breaks at 11am and 6pm to eat meals prepared by the chefs at Forte Village. We were treated to food such as Sea Food Linguine and Asparagus and Chilli Risotto. It was a successful first night in the restaurant, serving for 28 guests.

Friday 8th July

We were up again at 7am, ready to prep for the 22 guests in the restaurant that evening. Before service began, I took time to take a quick dip in the sea which was very refreshing having spent the day in the kitchen.

Saturday 9th July

After another early morning prepping, we went to Hell’s Kitchen restaurant for lunch - this brought back memories from when I was on the programme! Burgers were a popular choice; I ate a Sardinian Beef Burger in a Bacon Bap, whilst another member of the team ate a Salmon Burger in a Squidding Bap.

In between cooking for guests, we found time to give a master class for the amazing cookery school at Forte Village. To end the busy day, we were surprised with 36 guests attending the restaurant; this was the most ever done!

Sunday 10th July

To be able to make the most of being in a beautiful place, we were in the kitchen extra early at 6:30am to start prepping for the last night. Lunch was eaten at a sea food restaurant on the beach before spending a couple of hours relaxing in the afternoon watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon. Service was quieter in the evening, cooking for 19 people, however it was still an enjoyable last evening.

Monday 11th July

Unfortunately, when Monday came, it was time to pack my bag and head home after what had been a busy, fun and successful Great British Sardinian Adventure.

Many thanks to Forte Village for having us and I hope to return again soon.