WInter Warmers

23 Nov 2017

Complete your meal with perfectly paired wines this winter!

Our expert team have personally selected the best wines to accompany our delicious dishes in this exclusive guide. 


1. Ham Hock and Foie Gras

This innovative dish is a twist on the classic ham, egg and chips! With rich flavours oozing out from the foie gras and a delicious bite from the pineapple and chilli chutney, it needs to be paired with a wine that won’t overpower these strong flavours. The Chapel Down English Rosé (2015/2016) is a local English wine, making it the perfect traditional drink for a classic dish. With a dry, fruity note, the Chapel Down matches the pineapple flavours sip by sip, making it a refreshing wine to pair with your starter.

Ham hock and foie gras terrine, served with salt-baked pineapple, quail’s egg, game chips, and a pineapple and chilli chutney.


2. Scallops

Our curried scallops are a delectable autumnal dish, with hints of spice and bursts of curry soaked raisins. Paired with St. Véran, Domaine Joseph Drouhin (2014), this fresh, dry and fruity wine is made from a Chardonnay grape, which really emphasises the curry flavour and sweet fishy tones from the scallops.

Curry scallops served with roast cauliflower purée, curry mayo, onion bhaji and curry soaked raisins.


3. Venison

The epitome of autumnal food, our venison is combined with strong spice flavours and delicious roast chestnuts. But the cherry on top is the gin and chocolate jus, which compliments the meat with a strong and deep flavour. The Foxes Island, Pinot Noir, Marlborough (2009) is the perfect balance with this dish as the soft flavour of the wine doesn’t overshadow the combined taste of the venison and chocolate.

Pan-fried saddle of venison with potato terrine, spiced plum ketchup and roast chestnuts, accompanied with a gin and chocolate jus.


4. Halibut

This refreshing and flavourful dish packs a punch with every mouthful. Served with miso-glazed octopus, the succulent halibut is best paired with a fruity wine for a citrusy kick. Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (2016) shows lifted notes of elderflower, green lime zest and stone fruit. The palate is ripe, fine and succulent which offers zesty citrus flavours, perfect for a lip-smacking fish dish.

Pan-fried halibut served with miso-glazed octopus, parmesan gnocchi and kohlrabi.


5. Chocolate and Raspberry

What better wine to pair with our chocolate dish than the Château Petit Vedrines, Sautermes, France (2013)? Affectionately known as the “husband and wife” of pairings, our delice has bursts of raspberry running through the dish, finished with a refreshing coconut flavour intertwined with the rich chocolate. The Château has a sweet flavour with a nose of honey, pear and tropical fruits, making it a fantastic balance to this sumptuous chocolate dish.

Chocolate and raspberry delice, served with a raspberry sauce, raspberry compote, raspberry crunch, coconut cream and coconut sorbet.


Bonus: Cheese

Are you more of a cheese fan than a dessert person? Our selection of English and French cheeses can be paired with a delicious port, for the perfect after dinner drink. Choose Croft Port LBV (2007) to compliment the cheeses with a lovely textural quality and sweet black fruit flavour. Tip: Best matched with a blue cheese!